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You want your divorce done right and you don’t want it to cost you a fortune. Right?

Well, sit back and let the experience of Equal Access to the Law work for you. Once you know the facts, the choice is simple…it’s Equal Access to the Law.

At Equal Access to the Law there’s no software to download & no hassles

We don’t just prepare the forms for you, we help you throughout the entire process. Our website is loaded with helpful information 24/7 and we just a local call away when you have questions.

Why are we different? Because we want to make sure that you truly receive the best documents available. The senior management at Equal Access to the Law is a certified legal document preparer with over 15 years experience in all phases of civil law. The commitment to excellence we have learned in the years of our existence has been implemented in the operations at Equal Access to the Law. We accept nothing less than the highest standard of service for our customers. You will see a difference when you work with a company that sets and adheres to these high standards. You will enjoy using a company who’s foundation is based on customer satisfaction and quality. We take great pride in the quality of our documents and the personal attention we give to each customer. We are always available to answer your questions. Your divorce documents will be prepared by a divorce preparation specialist who is experienced in preparing divorce documents in Arizona. Your documents will be custom prepared for your specific situation, according to the information you place in the questionnaire. If you need a change we are happy make changes to your documents. We want to make sure they are exactly as you desire.

Our experience merits your confidence. Lets face it, divorce is a stressful time, so make every effort to eliminate some of that stress from the equation. We want you to be assured that your divorce process will go smoothly. While we can’t predict what your spouse will do, we can promise that your documents will be mistake-free and you will have instructions to help you complete the process with confidence.

Simple processing of your divorce. Our professional staff is ready to complete your divorce documents. Simply contact our office for a personal appointment. Once you submit your information to Equal Access to the Law, your completed documents will be ready to file the next day. We can also file emergency documents within an hours notice.

Why should you use Equal Access to the Law for your divorce documents? We believe the quality of our documents and the dedication of our team is second to none.

When you hire Equal Access to the Law to complete your divorce, you…

1. You Get Professionally Prepare Mistake-Free Documents!

Even the simplest divorce document can consist of 30, 40, 50 or more pages of confusing documents. Trying to determine how the documents are to be completed can be extremely difficult…especially under the stress of a break-up. Add in the distribution of property and all the child custody, visitation and support documents and it can become very daunting.

2. You Save Time and Money!

You will save money using Equal Access to the Law. We include in your divorce a marriage or legal separation agreement (MSA/LSA) that includes issues like child custody, child support, property distribution,etc…all at no additional cost. Equal Access to the Law documents are low-cost and will potentially save you thousands of dollars over the cost of using an attorney. An average uncontested divorce could cost you and your spouse over $2,000, and more, if you hire an attorney.

3. You Get Personal Attention: We’re Local!

Why waste time using a online or other service that has local experience. It would seem obvious that you would want an experienced professionals personally handling the preparation of your documents and some place to come back when or if you need modifications. Or simply put, we offer a face, not just a long-distance voice. At Equal Access to the Law you will have just that – a locallocal professional reviewing your information, and preparing the documents specifically for you.

4. You Get Fast Processing!

Don’t start out spending days typing, retyping, whiting out, or researching your divorce forms and then getting panicked into paying an attorney up to $2,000, only to find out that you could have had us do it in just one day for much less, had you simply allowed our staff to work for you…all at lower costs.

5. You Get the Advantage of our 15 Years of Experience!

Our staff has been completing divorce documents for its customers for over 15 years, and have completed thousands of divorce documents for our customers in Arizona and California. We feel confident in our product and stand behind our company 110%. You will know you are a valued customer when you use Equal Access to the Law.

6. You Get our Guarantee Your Documents Will Meet or Exceed The Court’s Standards!

We guarantee that your documents will be accurate and mistake-free and that the court clerks will accept them for filing as meeting or exceeding their standards or you get your money back. We can make this guarantee very confidently because we make it our mission to make sure our documents are complete, mistake-free and up-to-date with the newest court rules & regulations. If we don’t make it right, we’ll refund your money…all of it. No questions asked. Note: We’ve never had to back up this guarantee and hope we never do.

Equal Access to the Law Services:

Each customer is handled personally by a team of divorce preparation experts who will review your information and personally prepare your documents. We want to make sure they are done right.
FREE name change to your maiden name, or previous name.

Unlimited FREE changes to your documents. You might decide you want something changed on your documents, we never charge extra, we just want to make sure the documents are right for you.
Over 15 years experience serving our customers in preparing their divorce documents.

No Extra charge for fast “Same-Day” service. They can be completed in hours if you need simply by contacting us – again, no charge.

Simple Process – We make the questionnaire simple to fill out, and make the rest of your online experience as easy as possible.

Every customer will receive an electronic copy of their documents and if you need, we will mail them to you via priority mail – no charge.

Secure online privacy. With 128-bit SSL security, your information is safe.

Privacy – We will never give out any information about you to anyone else. Your information is always safe with Equal Access to the Law.
Dedication to customer satisfaction.

Full money-back guarantee that your documents will be accepted by the courts.

Customer support staff available to assist you.

Total cost (not including filing fees):$350 plus court filing fees of $236

Equal Access to the Law is offering these limited time special offers…

Special Offer # 1: FREE Marital or Legal Separation Agreement

A Marital or Legal Separation Agreement is a valuable document which outlines all the provisions of your divorce, from assets and liabilities, to child custody and visitation, to what happens if someone files for bankruptcy. The Marital or legal Separation Agreement will protect you in the future from any misunderstandings you may have with your spouse.

A Marital or Legal Separation agreement is now being utilized by more and more of the divorce specialists and attorneys because of the many benefits it offers you when you separate. This agreement will outline the specific terms of your property settlement, such as the division of retirement benefits, real property, etc. As well as the specific division of the debts you may have accumulated during your marriage. These documents will protect you from having to pay debts you should not be liable for, and will protect you from losing property which would rightfully be yours.

A Marital or Legal Separation Agreement also will go into detail as to the child custody, visitation and child support provisions. The agreement you receive from Equal Access to the Law has been developed by our supervising attorneys experienced in preparing the most comprehensive Marital or Legal Separation Agreements.

Many companies and attorneys charge additional fees for a custom Marital or Legal Separation Agreement, especially one as detailed as what you will get from Equal Access to the Law, but for a limited time we are offering this free to you.

Special Offer # 2: FREE Name Change

Many companies charge extra for you to change you name or your spouses name back to their previous name, or their maiden name. At Equal Access to the Law, we provide this service free of charge so that you have the freedom to freely make your own decision concerning what name you or your spouse would like to legally use.

We will add the necessary provisions in your documents to assure you name is legally returned to either your maiden name, or in the event you desire to go back to the name your children have, your previous name. This is just another example of the commitment that Equal Access to the Law has towards its customers.

We understand this is an important and stressful time for you and your family. Make sure you choose the right company to help you through this time in your life.

No doubt you have done your research on which company to use. We are certain you will find Equal Access to the Law will offer you the highest level of quality and commitment. When going through a difficult time in your life, don’t complicate it further by hiring a company to complete your documents who don’t have the proven experience to make sure they are done right.

So, want to get started? We look forward to showing you how well you’re treated as a Equal Access to the Law customer.

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