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If you have suffered a HARDSHIP of some sort that caused you to fall into foreclosure and you can afford your regular payments once again, you may have HIDDEN rights that can be asserted at this time. Those rights may qualify you for entry into a “Hardship Program” sponsored by government agencies, investment pools, insurance companies or mortgage companies.

These programs are designed to protect the investor on your loan from LOSS and help homeowners like yourself AVOID BANKRUPTCY and SAVE YOUR HOME after an unexpected increase in expenses or interruption in income. If you qualify, you may be able to simply resume regular payments within 1-4 months WITHOUT bringing the back payments current until the end of your loan term, when you are better able to afford to do so.

Equal Access has been saving homes for 15 years. We are experts in AVOIDING bankruptcy when the situation dictates and STOPPING THE FORECLOSURE when it doesn’t. No matter whether you are qualified to keep your home or not…WE CAN HELP!

We are known for our “No Results – No Fee” where applicable. In other situations we offer affordable hourly rates or a flat fee bankruptcy preparation programs.


“Service Centers” CANNOT protect you, and your mortgage company knows this. We receive calls weekly from homeowners who have paid “Service Centers” up to $1500 UP FRONT over several months to “represent them” in mediating their loans. These homeowners call us when their money is depleted and now they have a legal emergency that could cost them their home and more in emergency legal fees. This scheme seems to be an attractive enticement based on “low monthly payments” which then seems to expand the processing time month after month until the foreclosure is nearly complete, or homeowner’s funds are depleted. Further, please be advised that any “money back guarantee” claims you see advertised could be a way of tempting you to risk your ownership rights without further questioning their successes…not to mention that this is illegal in most states, including Arizona. Please think defensively during this vulnerable time.

Time is of the essence in every foreclosure situation and these problems won’t go away on their own.

Please get Pre-qualified NOW!