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Thank You Equal Access! The quality of your work of your staff and your web page design is the best I’ve seen! – K. Maloney

This is the most comprehensive site of its kind. There are several helpful tools to assist users from family law to government links to supportive tools… not to mention the very large database of friendly users in your Forum! – S. Kingston

Excellent website and service! – A.C.

Professionally managed, quality site with quality forum participants…. this is now my first choice for doing legal forms. – W. King

I have been enjoying the use of your site and have had several documents prepared this year with excellent results. – G. Mains

Thanks to Equal Access and their excellent Web Site! My legal docs were prepared exactly as I requested. Great Job. – O. Miller

You have a great site, very user friendly. Keep up the great work. – Mike A.

Quick and Mistake Free! Received my documents one day! -T.O.

I am very impressed with your site, it is the best web site I have ever used relating to the paralegal market. -B.P.

I am pleased with the customer support and the response to my requests for legal document preparation. -Lynn M.

Thank you for offering this site so we all may become more effective in our businesses…very informative. -F. Longford

Your site is the best site I have seen for low cost legal document preparation. -Larry K.

Your staff has been very helpful in answering our questions and we look forward to a long business relationship. Thanks! – Blake L.

The Equal network has been a “breath of fresh air” for me in the complicated world of legal documents. I am not a computer person, but your site helped me get where I wanted to go. The format is practical and organized, the staff is always there for assistance. I will enjoy visiting the site every time a need arises. – Jake S.

Equal Access is a great tool for small businesses. – Bill M.

Your service is easy to use, comprehensive in data and links to data when I needed it most, and decreased my legal expenses substantially. Thanks. -David D.

Keep up the good work! – Greg L.

I appreciate your site. It’s like having access to a lawyer 24/7, only I don’t spend tons of money I don’t have. Thanks for creating such a powerful site. – Mark H.

I have found to be the answer to electronic legal document prep. It does everything but print out the document for you! Amazing site. – Kenneth L.

This site certainly opens up a vast arena of possibilities to do legal documents at low cost. – Sue K.

You made what was a potentially stressful bankruptcy less stressful. I could go to your site any time I had a question and got the answer I needed. Wow! -Bob T.

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